Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

A Talk on Why and What all should be conserve ? Hidden Elements of Nature that Support Human Survival and Celebration of National Energy Conservation Day12-12-2023
Guest Talk on Career and Growth in IT Service Management (ITSM)09-12-2023
Guest Talk on Industrialization and Its Impact on Environmenyt and Society  07-12-2023
Guest Talk on Higher Education in Abroad29-11-2023
Motivational Session by Start-up Founder – Celebration of Entrepreneurship Day27-11-2023
Current Industrial Trends07-11-2023
Guest Talk on Live Equity Markets: Why, How and What?12-10-2023
Workshop on Communication Skill Development04-10-2023
Bhasha Sampada18-08-2023
Workshop on Mergers and Aqusitition26-06-2023
Workshop on Scientific Writing Made Easy 17-06-2023
Research Opportunities in Nano Technology 02-06-2023
Guest talk on Banking Operations27-05-2023
Process of Innovation development, technology readiness level24-02-2023
Workshop on Immortal Mathematics 11-02-2023
Re-discovering Business Practices Post Covid – 1921-01-2023
Entreprenership Outreach Program09-01-2023
Workshop on Personality Development (Disha Bharath)19-12-2022
Basics of Accounting skills for Non-Commerce students02-12-2022
A talk on Overview of Japanese Culture and International Opportunities for CANSAT22-11-2022
Introduction to IPR, Patent Industry Design, Trademark19-11-2022
Guest Talk on Implementation of Institute Innovation Council in Higher Education Institution20-10-2022
Problem Solving and ideation workshop20-10-2022
Celebration of National Innovation Day & Guest Talk on Innovation in Technology 18-10-2022
Application of Accounting Standard in the real world of Business06-09-2022
Guest talk on Business Taxation03-09-2022
Financial Planning30-07-2022
Guest Talk on Calculation and Confusion24-06-2022
Human Process Laboratory 23-06-2022
Session 2:  Enterpreneurship Journey16-03-2022
Session 1: Enterpreneurship Journey09-03-2022
Seminar on Digital Fluency 18-02-2022
National Mathematics Day -202124-12-2021
Practical use of IND AS in today’s World24-12-2021
3 Days Workshop on Human Process Laboratory 21-12-2021
A Guest talk on Inspirational Tale of Two Scientists CV Ramana annd Marie Curie17-12-2021
Workshop on National Education Policy 202008-10-2021
Webinar on “Unleash Your Potential through effective Financial Management28-09-2021
 Webinar On Priciples of Internet of Things (IoT)04-06-2021
Webinar on Quantum Mechsnics28-05-2021
Webinar on Start-up Mantras for Educators Through Effective research and Innovation26-05-2021
Recent Trends & career oppertunities in Solar Energy21-05-2021
National Technology Day -202111-05-2021
A Webinar on Trends in Big Data07-05-2021
An Interactive Design Approach To Web Development03-05-2021
Reading Financial Statement 15-10-2019
Emerging Trends, Innovations & Applications in Science and Technology01-10-2019
Online Business Session 11-09-2019
Guest talk on Article – 37011-09-2019
Human Process Laboratory 03-09-2019
Workshop on GST13-08-2019
Issues & Challenges sustainability in the VUCA World12-04-2019