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PG Department of Commerce at NCMS was started in the year 2018. It is a two-year postgraduate program that focuses on various aspects of commerce, economics, accounting, finance, banking, investment, insurance and other related fields. This program provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts and practices in the commerce and business arena. It is offered to the students who are interested to pursue their mastery in the field of commerce and reach a state of excellence in their domain. The course exposes aspiring students to bag different positions and have a promising career in multinational companies with a high paying job in the fields of Banking, Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Taxation to name a few. This course also gives a big leap for those who likes to pursue teaching profession in both, government and private colleges and also for those interested in taking up CA, CS & CMA as their profession.


To be a leading Program in commerce education recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, research culture, entrepreneurship and industry ready.


  • To accentuate quality education with strong foundation of commerce, and enhance analytical skills to excel in the field of commerce.
  • To nurture accounting skills, managerial skills, leadership qualities to meet the challenges of the business world.
  • To establish an industry-academia interface for understanding opportunities by the students in related areas of finance, commerce and banking.
  • To inculcate research culture mindset and contribute to the stream and society at large.

Mrs. Kavitha C

M.Com Coordinator

Welcome to the Post Graduate Department of Commerce of Nagarjuna College of Management Studies, Chikkaballapur. Ever since the establishment of the department in the year 2018, the M.Com Program has recorded consistent improvement in its academic and research performance. Department has integrated industry relevant to bridge the rapidly changing industry expectations and other stakeholders. Department encourages students to get hands-on experience in the corporate world through internships and projects. 

M.Com is a specialized area in itself and M.Com Program at NCMS has an exceptional record in both teaching and research areas. The department is proactively involved in organizing the academic events like student exchange programs, seminars, workshops; SDP’s providing a platform to develop the required skill set.

On behalf of the entire department, I take this opportunity to invite you to the Department and become a part of this transformational journey.

Programme Outcomes (PO):

PO1. Financial and Accounting knowledge: Graduates will possess strong foundation in financial and accounting principles, including financial statement analysis, cost accounting, and taxation.

PO2.Analytical and Critical thinking: Graduates of the program will be able to analyze and interpret complex business data and make informed decisions based on their analysis.

PO3.Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Graduates will possess an entrepreneurial mindset and be able to identify and pursue new business opportunities.

PO4.Ethical decision-making: Graduates will understand the importance of ethical decision-making in business and be able to apply ethical principles to complex business situations.

PO5. Global Business perspective: Graduates will be familiar with the global business environment and able to operate in a multicultural and diverse business environment.

 Programme-Specific Outcomes (PSO): 

PSO1: Demonstrate advanced knowledge of concepts and principles in the field of commerce, including accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and management.

PSO2: Analyze and interpret financial statements, business data, and economic trends to make informed decisions and solve complex problems in a business context.

PSO3: Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to evaluate business strategies, assess risks, and identify opportunities for growth and sustainability.

PSO4: Apply ethical and socially responsible practices in a business environment, and understand the legal and regulatory frameworks governing commerce and business operations.

PSO5: Demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues including digital transformation, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and apply this knowledge to real-world business challenges.

Sl. No 

Name of The faculty 



Experience in Years 


Articles Published in ISSN/ISBN 

Papers presented in Conferences 


Mrs. Kavitha C 

M. Com, M.Phil., (Ph.D) 

Coordinator – Department of Commerce 


Accounting & Taxation 

ISBN – 3 

ISSN – 6 



Mr. Girish Kumar H V 


Assistant Professor 



ISBN – 5 

ISSN – 1 



Mrs. Meena C  

M. Com, NET, KSET, B.Ed. (Ph.D) 

IQAC Coordinator & Assistant Professor 


Accounting & Taxation 

Scopus – 1 

ISBN – 3 



Mrs. Balasaraswathie S 

M. Com (Ph.D) 

Assistant Professor 


Finance, Accounting & Marketing 

ISBN – 3 

ISSN – 4 



Sri. Ramesh B Umarani 

Chief Mentor, ACE Speaker 

Adjunct Faculty