Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

The need for a Theatre Club 

Fine art forms have always been an integral part of human existence on the earth, since ages. One of the finest of these art forms, drama has its existence since ages. Plays from ancient Greek are being read and performed even today. It was one of the most accepted forms of fine arts acknowledged by Europeans. India has a very old history of adapting this performing art form. The historical development of drama records both classical forms and folk dramas. Like any other art forms, drama is unique in arousing the instinctive feelings of human beings through its characters and plot. drama sensitize the individuals to respond to the happenings around them, thereby it helps them to connect themselves with the events of past, present, and future. This performing art promotes Emotional quotient, concentration and focusing capabilities. 

Today our youngsters are more and more indulged in technologically assisted, materialistic medias. They are being attached to the gadgets rather than being sensitive to the intricate human relationships. Social media, rather than being a tool for gaining knowledge, is becoming a tool for creating an illusionary world and there by destroying the creativity of youngsters. Technology, social media, mobile phones all these medias have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the right approach towards the use of such things is the need of the hour. 

It is our holistic responsibility to teach the youngsters the skill of understanding life, human relationships, and the value of their existence. Drama enables all these sensitive skills in the youngsters. Performing art like drama deals with the events of past, present, and future with a humane touch, unlike the gadgets, creating illusionary world. Youngsters involved in activities of drama as actors, stage designers and even audience, would experience the live benefits of the performance which happens in real time. 

Keeping in view all these aspects a theatre club for the students of our college was considered as one of the most essential things to do. As a result of this we started “KALA CHAITANYA”. Our real motive behind this is to make the activities of ‘Kala Chaitanya’ an integral part of skill development activity and as a continuous effort of sensitizing our students in understanding life with a right perspective. 


  • To promote the skill of performing Drama. 
  • To promote the development of social and life skills. 
  • To sensitize the students in understanding the relationships. 
  • To improve interpersonal skills and language skills. 
  • To promote the level of concentration and the skill of focusing. 
  • To overcome stage fear and to build confidence. 
  • To promote presentation skills. 
  • To promote gender equity. 
  • To promote indigenous art form. 

Inauguration of Nagarjuna Kala Chaitanya and Doddata pradarsana: Vali Sugrivara kalaga  Decemeber 25, 2021 

On 5th and 6th July 2022. Street play was performed as a part of social extension program on hazards of plastic usage and awareness on mental stress in students on account of Doctors day.  

SPIC MACAY – celebrating the spirit of Niskama Seva and Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava held on September 02, 2022 at NGI Auditorium. Artists were Janaab Bhungar Khan and group.

On September 19, 2022, Bengaluru North University and Nagarjuna College of Management Studies organized “Togalugombeyata” to encourage artists and raise awareness about the endangered art form of “Thogalugombeyata,” which has a history of 4500 years. “Maruti Thogalugombe Nataka Mandali” artists from Chintamani performed a section of the Ramayana, “Sundara Kanda.” This performance taught students the significance of preserving traditional folk arts and their relevance in modern civilization. By learning about ancient folk styles, students can understand historical events and use them to define contemporary society. 

The students of Nagarjuna Kala Chaitanya batch 2023-24 at NCMS presented a minor production titled ‘Esura Dange’ on March 15, 2023. 

On June 05, 2023, the Cultural Committee of Nagarjuna College of Management Studies organized several events to commemorate World Environment Day. These activities included a street play held at Nandi village and Karahalli village, aimed at raising awareness about environmental issues.  

  Kala Chaitanya organised drama, batch 2022–23 students presented major production “Ekalavya,” on October 30 and 31, 2023.