Nagarjuna College of Management Studies


Create an atmosphere of a sensitive and liable outlook amid the students about the cause and effects of indulging in ragging. 


  • Create awareness about the ragging and ensure a student friendly environment at all times.
  • Facilitate campus monitoring to ensure ragging free campus.
  • Keep a constant eye and vigilance over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence.
  • Address ragging issues, if any, immediately and take action as recommended by the committee. 


  • To raise awareness about ragging and its effects on the mental wellness of a student.
  • To ensure safe stay for holistic development of the student.
  • To ensure ragging free campus.


  • To address the complaints of the students. 
  • Organizing talks, sessions and competitions to create awareness among students regarding the menace of ragging. 
  • To oversee the premises to ensure no instances of ragging.