Nagarjuna College of Management Studies


To uphold and promote women’s rights, ensure fair and safe environment and respect towards female students /teachers and supporting staff. 


  • To ensure protection and empowerment of women.  
  • To provide safe and supportive environment for women community 
  • Promoting gender equality and raising awareness about women’s issues/rights.  
  • To promote the well-being and advancement of women in all spheres of life. 


  • To nurture leadership skills in women community 
  • To raise awareness about the social issues that female student encounter. 
  • To make the women students understand their equal responsibility in building society. 
  • To create awareness, instill values, and develop the personality and leadership qualities in the members of WEC. 
  • To reach out to women in rural areas and make them aware of their social and legal rights and to equip them to stand against gender violence and gender discrimination. 
  • To enable women’s empowerment through guest talk, awareness programs and other welfare activities. 

Celebration of National Girl Child Day on January 24, 2024

As part of their dynamic Community Extension Activity under Mission Mac, students from NCMS have taken a proactive role in creating awareness about Breast Cancer. From November to January 2023-24, these enthusiastic students embarked on a mission to educate and engage communities in Venkatagiri Kote, Irigenahalli, and Canara Bank Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Chikkaballapur.

The initiative aimed not only to spread crucial information about Breast Cancer but also to foster a sense of community involvement and support. By actively participating in these awareness campaigns, NCMS students have made a significant impact on the well-being of individuals in these regions.

The holistic approach of Mission Mac goes beyond traditional education, encouraging students to actively contribute to societal well-being. Through engaging activities and informative sessions, the initiative has successfully raised awareness about Breast Cancer, a crucial health concern affecting communities worldwide.

As a result of the concerted efforts during this period, the Mission Mac team has played a vital role in creating a more informed and empowered community. The outreach activities spanned multiple locations, making a meaningful difference in Venkatagiri Kote, Irigenahalli, and Canara Bank Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Chikkaballapur.

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent initiative, where we organized a comprehensive Awareness Programme on Breast Cancer coupled with a Free Health Checkup for all the ladies staff and guests. This impactful event took place on November 08, 2023, and was aimed at promoting women’s health and creating awareness about the critical issue of Breast Cancer.

Distinguished Doctors’ Team:

  1. Dr. Harini R

    • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Nandi Medical College & Research Institute
  2. Dr. Anitha D

    • Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
    • Pathi Hospital
  3. Dr. Sunitha S Murthy

    • Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
    • Murthy Nursing Home
  4. Dr. Savitha Rames

    • Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
    • Rajesh Clinic

The event not only provided an opportunity for free health checkups for all the ladies but also featured insightful talks by our esteemed doctors. Their expertise shed light on crucial aspects of women’s health, with a particular focus on Breast Cancer awareness.

This initiative aligns with our commitment to promoting holistic well-being, and we are proud to have collaborated with such eminent professionals for the cause. The event was a resounding success, contributing to the health and well-being of our community.

In a bid to foster informed conversations and drive societal progress, we organized a compelling Guest Talk on the ‘Women Reservation Policy’ on October 26, 2023. The event featured Ms. Prabha N Belavangala, a distinguished Women Activist from Bengaluru, as the resource person.

Key Highlights:

  • Date: October 26, 2023
  • Guest Speaker: Ms. Prabha N Belavangala, Women Activist, Bengaluru

Ms. Belavangala brought her wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront, engaging the audience in a thought-provoking discussion on the Women Reservation Policy. The event aimed to deepen understanding, address concerns, and promote dialogue surrounding the crucial policy that plays a pivotal role in fostering gender equality and empowerment.

Our commitment to societal awareness and inclusivity is reflected in our choice of impactful topics and esteemed speakers. Ms. Prabha N Belavangala’s insights added significant value to the discourse, contributing to a more informed and engaged community.

‘Empowering Women’s Health: Unlocking the Secret to Well-being,’ featuring esteemed speakers:

  1. Dr. Sushma S
  2. Dr. Harini R
  3. Dr. Anitha
  4. Dr. Savitha

This impactful event is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of women’s health and well-being. Our expert panel will share valuable insights, covering a spectrum of topics to empower women in their journey toward optimal health.

In our ongoing commitment to student well-being, NCMS Women’s Cell organized an impactful self-defense session on December 14, 2022. The event aimed to equip students with essential skills for personal safety and empowerment.

Key Details:

  • Event: Self-Defense Session
  • Date: December 14, 2022
  • Resource Person: Mr. Mohammed Zabiulla, Martial Art Trainer

Mr. Zabiulla, a seasoned Martial Art trainer, served as the resource person, imparting practical techniques and strategies for self-defense. The session was designed to instill confidence and ensure that students are well-prepared to navigate various situations.

At NCMS, we prioritize the holistic development of our students, fostering not only academic excellence but also personal safety and empowerment. The self-defense session aligns with our mission to create a secure and confident student community.


Discover the essence of ethical living in our recent Guest Talk on ‘Ethics and Human Values,’ held on December 26, 2022. The insightful session was facilitated by the esteemed Mr. M R Sathya Narayan, an Advocate at the High Court in Bengaluru.

Key Highlights:

  • Event: Guest Talk on ‘Ethics and Human Values’
  • Date: December 26, 2022
  • Resource Person: Mr. M R Sathya Narayan, Advocate High Court, Bengaluru

Mr. Narayan, with his wealth of legal expertise, delved into the importance of ethics in our daily lives and the significance of upholding human values. The event was designed to promote ethical awareness and provide valuable insights into navigating ethical dilemmas in various aspects of life.

On March 08, 2022, we had the privilege of hosting an enlightening Doctors Talk on the empowering theme, ‘Women are the Real Architects of Society.’ This thought-provoking event featured esteemed resource persons, including:

  1. Dr. Sushma S, MBBS, DGO, DNB, Gynecologist
  2. Dr. Harini R, MBBS, DGO, DNB, Gynecologist
  3. Dr. Anitha, MBBS, DGO, Gynecologist

Key Highlights:

  • Event: Doctors Talk on ‘Women are the Real Architects of Society’
  • Date: March 08, 2022

Our expert panel of gynecologists shared valuable insights into the pivotal role that women play in shaping and nurturing society. The event aimed to celebrate and acknowledge the multifaceted contributions of women, emphasizing their significance as the true architects of a thriving and harmonious community.