Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

Value-added courses at Nagarjuna College of Management Studies provide additional skills and knowledge beyond the core curriculum. These include industry demand courses which focus on enhancing employability. The goal is to prepare students for the dynamic demands of the modern job market, fostering a well-rounded and to empower graduates with a comprehensive skill set, ensuring they are not only academically proficient but also equipped for success in their chosen fields.

  • To Equip students with hands-on, practical abilities complementing their theoretical knowledge.
  • To Elevate students’ proficiency in industry-specific areas to make them more competitive in the job market.
  • To Instill a mindset of continuous learning by offering courses that adapt to evolving industry needs.
  • To Provide specialized training to broaden students’ career choices and opportunities.
Way To Entrepreneurship34 HOURS
Campus to Corporate 30 Hours 
Building data visualization using Excel40 Hours
Mastering Excel for Financial Analysis 40Hours
Data Science Using Python Programming70 Hours
Financial Analytics Level-170 Hours
Business Analytics 40 Hours
Arivu 30 Hours 
Introduction to Machine Learning (NPTEL)8 Weeks
Principles of Management (NPTEL)12Weeks
International Marketing (NPTEL)12Weeks
Programming in Java (NPTEL)12Weeks
Marketing Management-1(NPTEL)12 Weeks
Aptitude Training32 Hours
Unleashing Youth Potentiality to develop IQ and SQ48 Hours
Data visualization using R Programming 30 Hours 
French Language 34 Hours
Spoken E nglish30 Hours 
Advanced Excel 40 Hours
Advanced GST Training Program40 Hours
GST Training Program 40 Hours
Full Stack Development 200 Hours
Corporate Communication 30 Hours
Excel For Analytics 30 Hours
Visualization using Tabula 30 Hours
Aptitude Training Program42 Hours
Problem Solving through Program C (NPTEL)12Weeks
Experimental Physics-1 (NPTEL)12Weeks
Python For Data Science (NPETEL)4 Weeks
Bussiness Analytics for Management decision (NPTEL)12Weeks
Aptitude Training 30 Hours
Programming with Python 30Hours
Vivekananda Gandhi Way to Entrepeneurship 30Hours
Life Skills 35Hours
Aptitude Training 30 Hours 
Teaching Skill Enhancement 30Hours