Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

Here is an Exciting Announcement for You!! 

Be enthralled and excited as we present UTKARSH 2023: An Intercollegiate Fest organised by Nagarjuna College of Management Studies in association with Bengaluru North University and IQAC on 11th August 2023. This extravagant fest is a celebration of illuminating minds and a platform for unleashing creativity. We’re happy to have you join us for a fun-filled day of events, entertainment, and competition. 

To be precise, the intercollegiate fest’s captivating activities inspire delight and happiness with a dash of competitiveness. These various activities help youngsters develop their talents while enhancing their self-confidence. It is a perfect occasion to build connectivity and teamwork. 

Events List for Utkarsh 2023 

Utkarsh 2023, this intercollegiate fest comprises three main programmes for participation: Cultural, Commerce and Management and Technical events. 

  1. Cultural Events. 

As we know, cultural events present art forms of every kind. Therefore, if you are on the creative side of the spectrum, then these cultural events are for you. You can enrol in the following competitions: 

  • Kuniyonu Baara (Group Dance) 
  • Hejje Gejje (Solo Dance) 
  • Mukhavada (Face Painting) 
  • Kila Kila (Stand up Comedy) 
  • Shodha (Treasure Hunt) 
  • Chittara (Drawing) 
  • Prathibimba (Mime) 
  • Kuhoo Kuhoo (Solo Singing) 
  • Chaye (Photography) 
  • Samskruthi (Fashion Walk) 
  1. Commerce and Management Events 

If you are someone on the analytical side of the spectrum and cognitive skills are your superpower, then commerce and management events are for you. These events include: 

  • Manasvi: – Best HR 
  • Sankalp: Product and Service Relaunch 
  • Atya’s Business Quiz 
  • Vishleshan: Case Study Analysis 
  • Avinya’s Business Plan 
  • Samarpan: Trade Vultures (Mock Stocks) 
  1. Technical Events 

We also have technical events arranged for tech-savvy youngsters. These events are for the intermediaries of the spectrum, who combine creativity with analytical abilities. The events are: 

  • Logo Designing 
  • Blind Coding 
  • Technical Quiz 
  • Code Debugging 

Following events presents a chance to discover your passions and display your talents. The intercollegiate fest is going to be held at NCMS Campus. The rules and regulations, and the competition details, are mentioned in the Utkarsh 2023 Brochure

Do Check it Out and be a Part of this wholesome festival arranged for the students by the students.