Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

Programme Outcomes (PO):

PO1. Financial and Accounting knowledge: Graduates will possess strong foundation in financial and accounting principles, including financial statement analysis, cost accounting, and taxation.

PO2.Analytical and Critical thinking: Graduates of the program will be able to analyze and interpret complex business data and make informed decisions based on their analysis.

PO3.Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Graduates will possess an entrepreneurial mindset and be able to identify and pursue new business opportunities.

PO4.Ethical decision-making: Graduates will understand the importance of ethical decision-making in business and be able to apply ethical principles to complex business situations.

PO5. Global Business perspective: Graduates will be familiar with the global business environment and able to operate in a multicultural and diverse business environment.

 Programme-Specific Outcomes (PSO): 

PSO1: Demonstrate advanced knowledge of concepts and principles in the field of commerce, including accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and management.

PSO2: Analyze and interpret financial statements, business data, and economic trends to make informed decisions and solve complex problems in a business context.

PSO3: Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to evaluate business strategies, assess risks, and identify opportunities for growth and sustainability.

PSO4: Apply ethical and socially responsible practices in a business environment, and understand the legal and regulatory frameworks governing commerce and business operations.

PSO5: Demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues including digital transformation, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and apply this knowledge to real-world business challenges.