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Guest Talks/Expert Talks/Workshops/Trainings

Through Guest Talks, Expert Talks, Workshops, and Trainings, students can acquire new perspectives and opinions that they wouldn’t typically encounter in a regular class. Guest Talks offer students a unique opportunity to learn about specific topics in an engaging way that encourages active participation in the learning process. This format enables students to interact with professionals in both formal and informal settings, leading to the development of interpersonal and communication skills through discussions.

A talk on "Breaking the Glass Ceiling"

July 11, 2022 I Dr. Akkai Padmashali, Indian Transgender Activist, Motivational Speaker and Singer.

On July 11, 2022, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Redressal Cell organized a talk titled “Breaking the Glass Ceiling.” The guest speaker of the day was Dr. Akkai Padmashali, a well-known transgender activist who shared her personal journey with the audience. Dr. Padmashali narrated her story as a transgender woman who was assigned male at birth but realized at a young age that her true gender identity was female. She explained that the social context in which she was raised did not allow her to freely express her gender identity, and she had to leave home as a teenager to find her place in the world.

During her talk, Dr. Padmashali emphasized that the struggle for the transgender community is ongoing and social discrimination against them still exists. However, she believes that it is our constitutional duty to promote inclusivity and accept people for who they are. She asserted that no one has the right to decide someone else’s identity, and it is everyone’s constitutional right to be who they truly are.

Dr. Padmashali concluded her talk on an optimistic note, calling for society to fight against all forms of phobias and to promote social justice and acceptance. Her powerful message inspired the audience to become more aware of the struggles faced by the transgender community and to work towards a more inclusive society.

A talk on “Being a Winner”

August 17, 2022 I Mr. K S Vishwas, International Para Swimming Champion, Actor, Dancer & Motivational Speaker.

The Department of Commerce & Management – Commerce Forum organized an inspiring talk on August 17, 2022, titled “Being a Winner,” with the aim of motivating students to overcome challenges and obstacles in life. The guest speaker, Mr. K S Vishwas, a National Para Swimming Champion, was introduced to the audience by the host before delivering his speech.

During the talk, Mr. Vishwas shared his personal story of perseverance and resilience, demonstrating how he overcame the numerous challenges and obstacles that he faced in his life. He provided a powerful message of hope and inspiration to the audience, encouraging them to believe that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Mr. Vishwas also performed during the session, demonstrating how impossible things can be made possible.

The session helped the students to develop their ability to accept challenges and make quick decisions in their lives. It inspired them to believe that nothing is impossible and that laziness is the only obstacle that can stand in the way of success. Overall, the talk was an excellent source of motivation and inspiration for the students, and it left a lasting impression on them.