Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

Being an artist opens several doors to the mind and soul. In this practical world, art pierces through like a sword and shows a glimpse of the infinite possibilities. As such, the art of story-telling through theatre plays involves a group of people reliving the story and perfectly describing it to the audience. This experience makes one know oneself better and accumulates experience in creating and expressing different genres of tales.

Since theatre plays develop the overall perspective, it is a great tool to incorporate for today’s youngsters. Therefore, here at Nagarjuna College of Management Studies, one of the best management schools in Bengaluru, students are provided opportunities to explore their creative side. Since the motive has been clear, the actions are undertaken to establish Kala Chaitanya, an art group specifically encouraging performing arts.

An Enchanting Theatre Play by Kala Chaitanya

In 2022–23, Kala Chaitanya displayed its first minor production through the play Esura Dange. It was held on March 15, 2023, at the NGI Auditorium. In addition, Mr. Satish Sasavehalli wrote and Mr. Pramod Shiggaon directed this captivating play, which also featured wonderful music by Mrs. Amaravathi. This theatre play depicted the history of Esuru, a village in the Shikaripur constituency of Shivmogga district, and its fight for freedom. Hence, the pre-independence theme was beautifully covered by the students of NCMS studying in the first and second years of the BCA and B.Com programmes.

The depiction of the theatre play captures the heroism of the Esuru villagers, who demanded freedom from British rule by refusing to pay taxes to the British government. But they did pay the price for the refusal of payment by the British government, as the latter sent police troops to suppress the rebellion. It resulted in the imprisonment of hundreds of villagers, while five youths were hanged to death. This theatre play evoked lots of emotions and was indeed mesmerising in nature.