Nagarjuna College of Management Studies

Entrepreneurship is the process of turning an idea that has the potential to change the world into reality. And an entrepreneur is a risk-taker who is self-assured, positive, has good decision-making skills, and can see the big picture.

We have with us today a remarkable person, tedX speaker and an entrepreneur, Mrs. Srividya Ramamurthy. An innovative thinker with a humanitarian spirit can be a perfect introduction. To introduce her well, she is the founder and CEO of Manikarnika Stores, which finds its purpose in reviving extinct and less-known weaves of South India. Also, she plays an imminent role in recycling old clothes, cartons, and cards, the main components suppressed at landfills.

An Entrepreneurship Story of Mrs. Srividya Ramamurthy

Mrs. Srividya Ramamurthy was invited as a guest speaker by Nagarjuna College of Management Studies, one of the prominent management schools in Bengaluru. The Entrepreneur Development Cell and the Department of MBA hosted the event on March 16, 2022. Following the talk, an exclusive interview was planned with the personality to learn more about her journey.

The talk covered almost every aspect of her incredible journey. And also the current topics that youth should focus on, like financial management, understanding the microenvironment of business, and empowering youth, particularly women, in entrepreneurship. These core topics represent the present essentials of an ever-upgrading world.

The interview session was a unique one that brought philanthropy along with entrepreneurship into the picture. The conversation began with the origin story of Manikarnika stores and how they got rebranded from Deccan Weavers. And it continued into the struggles faced by the entrepreneur after starting her enterprise and how she dealt with them. The piece of advice Mrs. Ramamurthy wants to give to the youngsters is that where there is a will, there is a way. Many times, people put limits on themselves rather than breaking those barriers. If you intend to share an idea that could positively impact the world, you should go for it.

This encouragement from the achiever herself acts as an inspiration to pursue those dreams that have been on hold for so long.