Nagarjuna College of Management Studies


The Department of Commerce and Management started in the year 2015, provides graduate programs: B.Com and BBA, affiliated to Bengaluru North University, Tamaka, Kolar.  These programs provide students with a strong foundation in Accounting and Management. It offers electives such as Accounting and Taxation, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources to name few. The curriculum adheres to the guidelines set forth by the University.

The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff who are committed and contribute to the academic and holistic growth of the students.  The course is application-focused; the department thus prepares students to experience Internship opportunities, Training and Placement sessions by Industry Experts, Leadership Development, Personality Development, Industrial Visits and overall Skill Enhancement through certification programmes, MOOC courses, Guest Lectures, Workshops, and Field Visits.

The Department of Commerce and Management has recorded consistent improvement in its academic and placement performance. It offers a range of innovatively designed programs whose curriculum are constantly updated to meet the changing requirement of the industry and to meet the needs of major stakeholders.

The Department also encourages students to organize events to enhance their skills and participate in management events organized by other colleges and also get involved in activities of social relevance.

Department’s goal is to impart value-based education along with the development of positive attitude, excellent communication skills and developing the abilities through Training programs, Club Activities, Cultural & Sports Activities etc.



To be an institution of excellence in Commerce and Management education by equipping graduates with knowledge, skills, abilities and values to excel in their career and contribute to society.

  • To expose to core subjects of Commerce and Management through application based pedagogy.
  • To engage with industry partners and other stakeholders to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and updated.
  • To foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and providing opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • To promote ethical and socially responsible practices and instilling values such as integrity, respect, and accountability in students.
  • To provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that recognizes, celebrates diversity, and encourages continuous learning and personal growth.
Ms. Kusuma S
HOD – Commerce & Management

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Department of Commerce and Management. Our department has a rich legacy of academic excellence, and it is my privilege to lead a team of dedicated professionals, enthusiastic learners and committed team to shaping the Managers and Entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and we’re excited to have you embark on this educational journey with us.

Faculty members are committed to delivering quality education that combines theoretical insights with practical applications. We encourage an interactive and engaging learning environment that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation, through workshops, seminars, and industry collaborations.

Our foremost goal is to equip the students with latest knowledge and skills necessary to navigate challenges of the dynamic global economy and a cultivate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, offering opportunities for the development of leadership and managerial skills that contribute to ethical and socially responsible citizens.

Our curriculum aims to develop a versatile skill set in functional areas enhancing employability through Industry-Institute Collaboration for practical insights and distinctive job market advantages.

Get ready for an exciting and enriching journey. Together, we’ll explore the boundless possibilities of the business world and work towards making a meaningful impact.

We continue on this journey with our Commitment to Excellence!


PO1: Employability: Prepare students for employment in various fields and areas like Banking, Corporate, HRM, Financial Consultancy, Accounting, And Financial Analyst and so on.-

PO2: Critical Thinking Skills: Students will be able to define, analyze, and devise solutions for structured and unstructured business problems and issues using cohesive and logical reasoning patterns.

PO3: Technical Skills: Students will be competent in the usage of technology in modern organizational operations.

 PO4: Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Students can demonstrate the fundamentals of innovation, new business development and become entrepreneurs.

PO5: Business Knowledge: Students can demonstrate competence in domestic and global business by studying major disciplines.

 PO6: Ethics: Students will be able to apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics in their roles.

PO7: Environment and sustainability: Students will be able to understand the impact of the professional solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge and need for sustainable development.

PO8: Individual and team work: Students can function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader tooin diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings.

PO9: Continuous learning: Recognize the need, have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and continuous learning in the broadest context of dynamic world.


PEO1: To remember the conceptual knowledge with an integrated approach to various functions of accounting and management.

PEO2: To develop leadership and communication skills to become successful business leaders and managers.

PEO3: Enable them to become Entrepreneurs and to gain contemporary knowledge of business concepts and their application in problem solving.


PSO1: Students are able to gain fundamental knowledge in Commerce, Accounting and Taxation.

PSO2: Value based and skill oriented courses assist them to sustain in sectors like Banking, Corporate, HRM, Financial services.

PSO3: Develop effective communication and critical thinking.

PSO4: Understand the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation and be able to apply them in starting and managing business.

PSO5:  Build Leadership skills and ability to work effectively in teams.


PSO1: Ability to understand, analyze and apply management concepts in heterogeneous business organisation.

PSO2: Applying critical thinking and problem solving skills for effective decision making.

PSO3: Application ofmultidisciplinary knowledge learnt to solve real life challenges.

PSO4: Build leadership and managerial skills.

Sl.  Name of the faculty  Qualification  Designation  Experience in Years  Specialization  Articles published in ISSN/ISBN  Papers presented in conference 
1  Dr.Anandamma N    MBA, Ph.D    Principal    19    Human Resources    International :3  National:6    International :3  National:6  Chief Editor:7 
2  Ms. Kusuma S  M.Com, PGDFM, UGC NET  Assistant Professor & HOD  14  Accounting & Taxation  1  4 
3  Dr. Kiran Kumar T N    MBA, Ph.D  Assistant Professor and Coordinator – UG Programs  6 years industry, 5.5 years teaching  Finance and Management  7  3 
4  Ms. Latha K S    M.Com  Assistant Professor  13  Accounting & Taxation  1  5 
5  Ms. Nagaveni M    M.Com  Assistant Professor  2.5  Accounting & Taxation  1  3 
6  Mrs. Geetha S R    M.Com, UGC-NET, (Ph.D)  Assistant Professor    Accounting & Taxation  4  1 
7  Ms. Deepika B N    M.Com  Assistant Professor  1  Accounting & Taxation  2  1 
8  Ms. Navya Lakshmi N    M.Com  Assistant Professor  1  Accounting & Taxation    3 
9  Ms. Bindhu N    M.Com, B.Ed  Assistant Professor  4  Accounting & Taxation    4 
10  Mr. Vishwas V    MBA,( M.Com), (Ph.D)  Assistant Professor  3  Finance and Data Science     
11  Mrs. Anitha V, NET,(Ph.D)  Assistant Professor  7  Accounting & Taxation     
12  Mrs. Chaithanya B    M.Com  Assistant Professor  2.5  Accounting & Taxation     
13  Mr. Arjun R  MBA  Assistant Professor    Marketing     
14  Mrs. Shruthi Kl  M.Com,  B.Ed  Assistant Professor    Finance & Taxation     
15  Mrs. Shalini K    MBA  Assistant Professor  0.6  Finance and HR     
16  Mrs. Kalpitha M    MBA  Assistant Professor  0.6  Finance and HR